Is there a way to upload a recorded Pokemon battle video onto my laptop? Because I just beat Ryan and it was absolutely amazing and I want to post it here. Nobody beats Ryan. I’m impressed with myself.

Anonymous asked:

You better believe it, fucking jerk! Dr. Mario is awesome, he is the Melee version of Mario, which they should have kept Melee Mario in the first place since Melee Mario was way better move wise than Brawl Mario! Dr. Mario being included to be a Melee Mario is a great thing!!!!!! No one can tell me fucking otherwise! And there are only about 7 "clones" out of 51 characters! It's not a bad thing out of these many playable characters!!!!! So just think about that, fucking asshole!!!!!!

I liked Melee Mario more than Brawl Mario only because he didn’t have the F.L.U.D.D.

Also, calm the fuck down. People are laughing at you.

Anonymous asked:

Well then, I have a few choice words in mind for you, asshole! You can go straight to Hell for all I care, and you are the biggest nobody, jerk!!!!!!! Dr. Mario is awesome, and you are just a fucking ass for thinking badly upon him!!!!! Go straight to Hell and get your ass burned off!!!!!!!

I can’t believe my first hate mail is somebody defending Dr. Mario.